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Shoping On Line  

: On line

Afak Program  , point of sale  shopping on line

New afak soft full access to your accounts via internet

Program of the prospects for the management of financial accounting and billing system stores sales points
Working on the Oracle database and the modern version works on the Internet

Linking full-branch network across the Internet or regular telephone line
Selling points include the sale and discards allowance
Compatible with the attached and supermarkets and shops selling clothing
And pharmacies linked with the financial accounting and reservoirs fully operational
Oracle database and the Internet
Serial No. figures in line with computer shops and mobile work on the Web
Fully consistent with the local network or the Internet and on the Oracle database
Accounting system restaurant or a cafe or a foreign orders on touch screens
With the possibility of the registration materials and orders via the Internet

Program in line with the thread factories that manufacture tied with string or balance Fban
Bar code and generate a serial each box is printed on Sticker tied with materials accounting and sales invoices
Receivables follow-up program full of material to make others with the possibility of an inventory of materials and wage calculation
The cost per piece
Program selling, leasing and maintenance of vehicles specifications and the inclusion of the image with the possibility of selling the car in cash or in Debt

 With the possibility of freeing the bonds arrested
Rental apartments rent apartments system with an integrated statistical tables full of flats and the tenant

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